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Easy, Done-For-You Fundraising Programs
for Schools, Charities, Churches, Non-Profits and Associations


We do virtually all the work for you! Your group collects substantial proceeds without the stress, cost, or manpower typically required for fundraising campaigns.

  • NO upfront fees or charges
  • NO  collecting, handling, or processing payments
  • NO sorting, storing, or delivering products
  • NO minimum dollar threshold required to earn proceed payouts


Our Services

Raising Funds to Support
Your Cause

Outsourcing your fundraising drives to Boxed & Gifted Fundraising saves your team from all of the time, effort, and logistics work typically required to make a fundraising campaign successful.


Our fundraising drives:

    • Make it easy for students, members, volunteers, and community supporters to garner financial support from donors
    • Minimize the resources required to run a campaign (number of volunteers or staff)
    • Create and provide all the digital marketing content needed to promote your message
    • Guarantee your organization will receive 30% of retail product price and supporters will receive quality products everyone can feel good about
    • Multiply your donor reach in your community—geographically and financially—allowing entry-level, first-time, and local and far-flung donors an avenue to support your cause
    • Expand your organization’s giving window—you won’t be time-constrained by a specific upcoming event or duration (see our DFY Digital Fundraising Program)


A 4-6 week, end-to-end, risk-free fundraising drive where we do all the heavy lifting for you.


A 365-day fundraising drive that enables your organization to continuously raise funds throughout the year.


A dedicated fundraising landing page hosting a collection of your branded merchandise that allows you to earn revenue while freeing up resources required to run an onsite physical store.


Our full Managed Digital ShoppeFront Program specifically designed for faith communities an ever-increasing array of inspirational  products as well as items with your church’s logo and messaging and personalized products for gifting.

Custom Fundraising Page

We build a dedicated fundraising online landing page for your cause and follow up with comprehensive campaign sales reports (complete with donor information) for your records

DFY Marketing Templates

We provide you all the marketing content you need to share with your audiences

DFY Operations & Back Office

We manage all the orders, payment processing, printing, fulfillment, shipping, and customer service

High Proceed Income

You earn a guaranteed percentage of your campaign or program total sales–not a sliding scale based on outrageous targets